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Who we are and why you should get to know us.
As engineers with a passion, we offer all the necessary services from the specialist areas of software development, robot engineering and virtual commissioning. Software retrofit, hardware design, visual measurement ,Robot Programming and camera systems.

We fulfill your wish for an automated system down to the last detail, precisely and cost-effectively: from the first innovative sketch to trouble-free production.

Smart Engineering is our Passion!

Our Mission

Kmm Automation Gmbh has undertaken the mission of contributing to the industrialization and internationalization of the countries in which it operates with the services it offers and performs to the market. Strong capital and know-how, experienced and competent manpower, flexible organizational structure, high quality and diversified service portfolio are our greatest source of strength supporting our mission.

Our Vision

“To make a high level contribution to its own environment and the national economy with its services in the constantly developing/changing World economy”

Our Basic Principles;

Efficient and determined working understanding, timely and complete fulfillment of the responsibilities undertaken, absolute customer satisfaction, prioritizing human relations, showing maximum meticulousness in every big and small work, never compromising on quality, making a peaceful business life continuous with its employee

Company History

In 2023, the foundations of Kmm Automation GmbH were laid with the ideas of a group of experienced Mechatronics Engineers.

Built on these foundations, Kmm Automatiob was incorporated in 2023.
It provides services in Industrial Automation to many sectors, especially the Automotive sector.

Which Applications are we doing?

Robotic Cells
You can contact our company for your robotic cell projects.
Conveyor Systems
You can contact our company for your automotive and white goods conveyor systems.
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
Please contact our company for automatic guided vehicles
Automated Storage and Retriveal System (AS/RS)
Please contact our company for Automatic Storage and Retriveal System.
Electrical Monorail System (EMS)
Please contact our company for Electrical Monorail System

Which Countries Are We Serving?

We serve all over Europe, especially Germany, America and Turkey.

Our engineering team consists of well-equipped team members who speak English, German and Turkish.Our main goal is to create a community culture where people from different cultures work together

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